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Turnkey Solvent Recovery Plant

Our Turnkey Solvent Recovery Plant is a complete solution for solvent base cleaners used for on-site recycling. Today, organic solvents are being used widely in the industry and as a consequence, the disposal of large amounts of liquid waste with various solvents is becoming a major problem. We offer an advanced solution in the form of recovery plant to reduce both the requirement of fresh solvents and the amount of contaminated solvents. These plants are customized for recovery of solvents from different mixtures.

Our recovery plant uses following separation technologies for on-site recycling of solvents :

  • Filtration
  • Gravity separation
  • Bath distillation
  • Evaporation
  • Fractional distillation

The plant is supplied with different distillation techniques :

  • Azeotropic
  • Etractive
  • Multicomponent

Applications :

  • Pharmaceutical industry
  • Fine chemical industry
  • Dyes and intermediate industry